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    Which (HTML Help) Files Should I Give Developer

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      I am working on a merged help system generating HTML Help (*.chm) files in RoboHelp 7. After the *.chm file is updated I place it into the build and wait for a new software build to test. The problem is when we click the help buton for that particular dialog box, nothing happens. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, or the developer is doing something wrong? We are both new to RoboHelp projects. Have I given her enough info?I used the auto generate feature to assign a new Map ID and Map # to the topic. I create that and then email the info to the developer. This is all the info I sent her. I didn't send any files...should I?:

      The Map ID and Map # are shown below for the Third Party Device Properties topic:

      Map ID : Third_Party_Device_Properties Map #: 50000

      Is this enough? Do I need to send her any "files" such as the entire map file for that help project? If so, what does she do with them? Do I need to copy the *.chm file from this help project and paste a copy in the Master directory of the entire help project? The RoboHelp help is kinda generic on what to give the developer. Plus they say the developer creates the map file whereas we have always created through RoboHelp.

      Thanks in advance

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          HTML is designed to be able to split the context sensitive help workload between help author and developer. There are two files used to link the application to the help - the .hh (help header) and .ali files. The .hh file is designed to be produced by the developer and the .ali file by the help author. In your case, you created both. The developer will need the .hh file or, if they have created their own, you can get theirs and assign topics in RH.