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    Sign in required message every time i open any creative suit app


      I've purchased the full creative suit software through adobe and had been using the software for the last month.


      However today whenever I open an app (muse, photoshop, illustrator...) I get a "Sign-in Required" message pop up.


      I sign in using my details, I get another message saying - "Thank you - Creative cloud will now be licensed for ........ (my email). Click continue to enjoy the software". After I click continue, it looks like it's going to open the app and then I get the original message "Sign-in Required" and the whole process starts again???


      I've tried uninstalling creative cloud and the apps, restarted my mac, but none of this has worked? Even tried changing my password...


      There's no way of me opening any of the software I've purchased?


      Anyone have any suggestions as to what is going on? Its not like I have a business to run today! (cheers adobe - good job!)