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    Camera tracking tripod pan shot


      I have a tripod shot that I need to track in 3D. My goal is to add a 3D object (a box) on top of the concrete surface. I understand AE can't track this in 3D because it lacks depth information. Is there a way around it?  You can watch it here: SmartSand on Vimeo

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you try? That shot should Camera Track just fine. You might not even have to define it as a tripod pan because of the angle. Even if it is a tripod pan you can still put 3D objects in the shot as demonstrated in this simple example.

          BTW, it's a lot easier for us to see things like videos and images if you put them in the forum using the tools. Images may just be dragged to the reply field.


          I'll download your footage and give it a try:

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            Dynopete Level 1



            I did try, but it really won't work. I've looked at your example and it seems to work fine. The only thing is, as I see it, it looks like I will need to "approximate" the angle of the floor.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              OK, so I had my breakfast, then downloaded your low rez clip and ran Track Camera and got a warning that no depth info was available but I just added a solid anyway. It tracked perfectly. Then I added Grid to the solid, changed the color to red so I could try and rotate the solid so that it was parallel to the ground and line up the grid lines to check the perspective. What do you know, without any other fussing a nearly perfect match.

              Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.56.33 AM.png

              Total time about 5 minutes. This setup works no matter where I slide the solid around in the shot:

              Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.00.11 AM.png

              Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.00.32 AM.png

              The alignment isn't completely perfect but I didn't do careful placement of the solid, just a quick manipulation using the rotate values in the timeline. Now you wold place the target solid where you wanted it in the scene and then export the comp to C4d and add your cube in the same position as the solid. EZ PZ... If you were a glutton for punishment you could set the comp to Ray-traced rendering and extrude your cube or you could use Element 3D or Zaxwerks to add a cube. You could even build a cube in AE using six solids.

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                Dynopete Level 1

                Wow! Thanks a lot Rick for this quick and thorough tutorial. Much appreciated. I'll give it a try.