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    Why my AE script cant read on my laptop?

    arvyt62488061 Level 1

      so, i buy a script for help my job

      thats script should place on ScriptUIpanels


      that script work fine on my PC, but not on my laptop (well in term of spec, my laptop better than my pc)

      on my pc that script file showed like adobe ask.jpg (jsxbin file, with icon)

      but on my laptop, the script file showed like file but you dont have program to open (blank paper icon)


      on my PC, i can open the dock panel and the function work fine

      on my laptop, i can open the dock panel but show nothing, only blank panel


      is theres something i must install first on my laptop, so the jsxbin file can work fine?

      and for pc&laptop, both i use AE CS6