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    AE is offsetting the area masked outside of the paths boundaries...

    taylorm36109209 Level 1

      Saw this question come up on a previous troubleshoot and nothing was really figured out so I'll just ask again.


      I made a mask in AE with the pen tool. For whatever reason, the area masked is outside the boundaries of what is designated by the path. I accidentally moved the physical position of the layer earlier and then fixed it, and though "Maybe it's just AE being weird about that, so I'll just remake the mask from scratch once everything's been re-aligned and see what happens."


      Same issue. Played with the sliders a little bit too to see if the masked area with just re-render and fix itself. No luck.




      Lower layer is same image in same position with same settings.


      Running CC 2015. Windows 10. I7-5820 Processor. 32 GB RAM. GTX 970 graphics card. Ate cereal for breakfast this morning.