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    How to make text visible?

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      I have Markzware's PDF2DTP plugin for Indesign CS6 and I just used it to translate a PDF of an ad so I can customize it, but somewhere in the translation, it turned a headline invisible.


      I tried to Google the problem to see if anyone had a similar experience with the plugin, but nothing came up. So I thought I would ask here. Maybe it's some setting I can change in InDesign?


      When I go to the text box and select all, it does select something there, but I can't see the text. When I check the Swatches panel, the fill box looks white as if Paper is selected (there is no stroke selected), but when I select my red swatch, nothing happens, it doesn't change to red.


      There's no plus sign on the text box, so it isn't overset.


      I also checked the layers panel, to see if the text was somehow on a different layer that had its visibility turned off, but, no. There's only one layer in the document and it's turned on.


      Is it possible to mask text in InDesign? I can't think what else might be causing this.

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          Quick update: There doesn't appear to be any strange leading, baseline shift, or space before or after the text, or columns.

          The text also doesn't have any unusual horizontal or vertical alignment going on.

          There also doesn't appear to be any text wrap going on.

          The text did have both a character and a paragraph style assigned to it. So I tried breaking the link to both and reassigned a basic paragraph style along with none for the character style. Then I tried selecting a different fill color (black), and nothing happened, then I selected Paper and nothing happened, then I selected red and it worked.

          So I guess I answered my own question, but I'm not sure why it worked.