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    Basic Flash movie questions from a Flex coder

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      I've coded several Flex applications (I'm a programmer by trade) for the last 6 months. Now I have a new project to do with Flash, and I'm mighty confused - as I don't know much about Flash and its timelines, etc.

      I've been given a bunch of FLV files - movies from a video camera like you see on Youtube. I'd like to add some logic to them.

      Do I create a new Flex or Flash project and somehow embed the FLV file?

      I read that the they can attach "labels" to timelines in a movie and that I can react to the labels being triggered using event handlers. Can I programmatically add labels to an existing FLV movie?

      So after all is said and done, I'm guessing I would compile it using MXMLC if it is a Flex project. But what if it were a Flash project, what is the compiler? In addition, can I simply code the whole thing as an actionscript (.as) file and compile it using a Flash compiler?
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          I wouldn't embed the files. This is OK if they don't include audio that's synched to the video, but otherwise will be problematic. You'll get better performance overall by linking to the external FLV. To 'add logic' you'll need to us cue points. These can either be added via ActionScript or embedded into the FLV using something like Flash Video Encoder. You can use the cue points to trigger whatever actions you require.