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    Computer specs

    Edward J Steklasa

      First of all, I am 72 yrs old, and a newbie, but I have used Movavi Video Suite's Video Editor for some time with accurate results. Problem there is only one video allowed on the timeline.

      I am a performing musician, and I want to edit multiple camera angles from relatively Low-Quality videos (20-60 megs / 3 minutes.) into one video.

      All cameras contain my audio track, so I am able to sync them perfectly. I want to make split points on 3 videos, and then delete the segments on two of the videos, retaining the one remaining segment I want at each time interval.


      I have newer HP Pavilion 15t  laptop: Windows 10; 64-bit op sys; Intel i7-6500 @ 2.50 GHz 2.50 GHz; 12.0 GB ram (11.8 GB usable); Intel HD graphics


      This Premiere Pro seems like overkill for what I want to do, but I don't see anything else out there.


      So: will my computer handle my needs, given low quality videos? I see people stating in other threads that you need 16 GB of ram and NVidia 900 series graphics card?


      Thanks, Ed (ElyMayor)

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          xeca41 Level 1

          Your system will work fine for 720P and 1080p none complex videos.

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            Edward J Steklasa Level 1

            Thank you for your kind response. Do you know of other software to do a simple task like this?

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              xeca41 Level 1

              Premiere Elements, Blender, and Davinci Resolve. would also work for these tasks.

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                Edward J Steklasa Level 1

                Thank you again, for your prompt response. I will check out these other options as well.

                Since I have always been partial towards Adobe (I have used Audition for years), I will begin with Elements.

                Later, and Thanks, again, Ed.

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                  RjL190365 Level 4

                  To answer your question directly:


                  Your system is okay for simple tasks but not more complex ones because your laptop's CPU has only two physical cores and your laptop doesn't have a discrete GPU at all whatsoever (nor can one be added at all later on). With Premiere Pro's Mercury Playback Engine and OpenCL GPU acceleration enabled, expect the MPEG-2 DVD timeline export results from the PPBM6/7/8/9 benchmark to be well over 300 seconds (compared to the 40-ish second result from the fastest of the desktop AMD Radeon discrete GPUs). In addition, expect the MPEG-2 DVD export from the PPBM6/7/8/9 to be close to 2,000 seconds in software-only mode, and the H.264 Blu-ray export from the H.264 timeline in PPBM to be close to 1,000 seconds with OpenCL GPU acceleration on (versus the 100-ish second result with a higher-end discrete desktop AMD Radeon GPU).

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                    Edward J Steklasa Level 1

                    Thanks for all the effort you have put out on my behalf. I am an older American, and much of what you presented is way over my head.


                    After finding out what Premiere Pro costs, I have decided against it.


                    Thanks, again, Ed.

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      Davinci's GPU acceleration is even more advanced than Adobe's and requires far greater hardware specs to function well. I would suggest atleast 16GB of ram with 32GB the ideal point and a 960GTX 4GB card for the current system if you plan to use Adobe. The system with 32GB of ram and the 960GTX would not perform to bad even with Davinci. However Elements does not have the same GPU acceleration that Premiere has so the performance will be different with elements regardless. You should not require upgrading much for elements.




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                        Edward J Steklasa Level 1

                        Thank you, Eric. When I get some time, I will try the 30-day trial for Elements.

                        Right now, I am trying to learn Resolve, as I have downloaded their free version.

                        Later, Ed.