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    Help with swf/xml

      I usually digg it up all the way through google before posting in a forum, but it's been 2 days and nothing worked.
      Here follows. I have a flash map (swf) which uses xml files. Everything works perfectly offline, but when I upload them to server, it doesn't show anyting, just a blank space, as if there was my flash, as if I right click on it, I get the menu I normally got from a flash movie. But it's white, nothing's there.

      I tried several methods, swfobject.js , different code versions and nothing works. I have all files in same folder, nothing works. What can I do? I don't have the fla source, only the swf and xml files.

      Here's the code, of course the former version, as said I tried several. I even tried with the crossdomain.xml file. Nothing. It works only offline. I even tried to upload them several time, thought they might ve got corrupted during upload...nothing. I set up a small localhost server, it doesn't work there as well. Please help me. Thanks.

      Also if needed I will paste some of the main called xml file.

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          just 2 quick ideas:

          - maybe it's gone cause you posted only parts of the xml, but any xml needs exactly ONE outer root-node. you're starting with <config>, then closing </config> an go on with <map>. have you tried to enclose everything into something like <root>?

          - maybe it's caused by server's filesystem / different text-encoding??