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    InDesign CS6 scripts panel locked


      I have been struggling with this issue all day. I found a solution and am posting for others who might be fighting the same battle.


      I got a new computer: 64-bit, 3.60 GHz, 16 GB RAM, AMD Radio R5 240 video, Dell U2715H high definition monitor, Windows 7


      I installed a corporate network image that included the Adobe CS6 Design suite. My main application is InDesign. When I started ID and installed my scripts from another computer, the scripts panel was frozen. I saw the Application and User folders, but clicking did nothing (the open/close arrows did not move). I tried:

      1. copying scripts to the application folder (instead of my user Roaming folder)

      2. uninstalling and reinstalling CS6 from network

      3. rebuilding Preferences file (Ctrl+Shift+Alt when starting ID)

      4. uninstalling and reinstalling CS6 from DVDs

      ...all to no avail. I read on some barely relative post that the video driver could cause ID to crash. So I tried lowering the resolution of the main monitor. No help.


      Then *angelic chorus vocalizing in surround-sound* I changed the video card's mode* from True Color (32 bit) to High Color (16 bit), and there it was. I can't tell a whole lot of difference in the display, but my Scripts panel is working again. Hope this is helpful.


      * right-click desktop > Screen Resolution > Advanced Setting > Adapter tab > List All Modes button