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    Type Shapes

    peterpica Level 1

      Is it possible to take a text blok and make a shape out of it? Like as in Photoshop when you can 'spherize' or 'pinch' words while still maintaining their editability.


      I'm trying to replicate type done by customer on an online t-shirt place that allows one to bastardize type blocks into shapes for special t-shirt printing effects.



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          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

          Yes—select the frame with the Selection tool, then go to Object > Convert Shape and select a shape. You can also use the Direct Selection tool to redraw the frame. Does that answer your question?



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            peterpica Level 1

            Doesn't seem to work... does NOT reshape the characters to the shape's size... just seems to want to fit the type WITHIN the shape and not bend the type to fit the shape's edges.

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              Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

              You can make any shape you want out of a text frame. However, the type itself within the text frame will not be spherized or pinched. There are some interesting things you can do with type on a path, double-click on the Type On A Path tool to see options, but not spherize and pinch.

              If you convert the type to outlines, you have more flexibility for reshaping the type, but it will not longer be editable as text.

              To distort text and still keep it editable, you may want to consider using either Photoshop or Illustrator and importing the file into InDesign.

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                jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                I'm sorry that I misunderstood. No, I don't think so. You can Outline the text and manually shape it, but InDesign does not do this as easily as PS and AI as far as I know. I would use AI if you have it.

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                  peterpica Level 1

                  Thanks much Barb... (shucks)... I was able to do what I want in Typestyler!!!!! I can't even draw a straight line with Ily! And Photoshop didn't have the shape that I needed (at least I couldn't replicate it in PS anyway). I've attached what I ended up with... puleeze don't comment on the font... it's awful, but it's what the guy wanted (Bad Acid)... I have to add some lightning strokes, some initials, etc., to finish up the t-shirt backer layout...




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                    Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

                    Thanks for showing us your finished work! Now that I see the results, you could have pulled it off in InDesign using Type On A Path options. I would do it with two separate paths, one for "Electric" and one for "Services", but no doubt it was easier in Typestyler. Bottom line is that you got it done!

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                      peterpica Level 1

                      I thought about that... but how would I get the individual character curvatures with type on a path? The baselines/headlines would remain 'flat' would they not?

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                        peterpica Level 1

                        As I thought, applying the characters to a curved path in InD does not modify the curvature of the characters' headlines & baselines, etc. at all, and that's what I wanted to imitate. See attached. Top is the InD type applied to curved line. Bottom is the Typestyler modification. Picking hairs, but I was trying to match what the guy showed me initially.


                        Thanks for your suggestions, though.


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                          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

                          First screen capture is as close as you can get in InDesign. Each word is on a separate path, the two paths on top of each other. In Type > Type on a Path Options, choose the Gravity effect. "Services" needed a baseline shift so that the top of the type aligns with the edge of the elliptical path.

                          In Photoshop it's easier because you don't have to put the type on a path. You can just use the Warp Text command (second screen capture). And you can more easily adjust settings with the sliders.

                          Does this answer your question?


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                            MW Design Level 5
                            ...puleeze don't comment on the font... it's awful, but it's what the guy wanted (Bad Acid)

                            Oh, I dunno. Reminds me of much of Roger Dean's (beautiful) illustration work and titling.

                            What I found was that after I did my first t-shirt art, the frequency of work picked up over time. I would heartily encourage you to set aside a little time each week to practice working in Illustrator or another vector design application. Doesn't matter what it is you make, just make it with purpose. I find "inspiration" in magazines at my local book store (same with layouts), book covers, even here in the forums when someone asks advice and the ideas come in. Copy (replicate) what strikes your fancy but don't get too ambitious at first. That can lead to fatigue making it not fun.

                            As you see how to accomplish various types of things, it will be easier and faster to do when someone knocks on the proverbial door and wants something done.


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                              atjgraphics Level 1

                              Quite an interesting topic you have here. May I ask what font you have used for the T-shirt? It seems quite creative.

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                                Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

                                MW -- I agree with your suggestions. Illustrator would be my first choice for doing this type of work.

                                In the meantime, peterpica has a deadline to meet and it looks like he's well on his way to a beautiful t-shirt design.

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                                  peterpica Level 1

                                  It's called "Bad Acid"... you can get a freebie TTF @ dafont.com


                                  Might be quite 'creative' as you suggest, but IMO it's also quite difficult to read, especially at long distances which is how this will be viewed on back of t-shirts on work crews. I'll post the finished piece after customer approves for S&G's by ya'all.

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                                    peterpica Level 1

                                    I agree... Ily's fantastic, but if one's 'mechanically dyslexic' then it's also quite challenging, even with tremendous plugins such as offered by Astute Graphics. I've been challenged all of my life, even with routine carpentry... seems first cut's always the opposite of what I needed/intended. ;-(

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                                      peterpica Level 1

                                      Here's proof going to customer... interesting to see how TS treated the S on bottom line... left one's different from right one (overall shape)...No numerals in Bad Acid font... customer requested a 'gothic' substitute.



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                                        peterpica Level 1

                                        Lo again Barb. Really appreciate your suggestions. I finally got an approval! Not quite what customer originally requested. Seems he went online and found a font called 'Radical 07' that he decided afterwards he wanted me to use instead of the 'Bad Acid' font originally used... I searched everywhere and couldn't find it... was one of those 'contraband' font adaptations that a t-shirt company decided to modify and call/name their own methinks. I took a screen shot and went to whatfontis and lo and behold found it, but under another name... 'new rocker'... GO FIGURE! I've attached the final approved t-shirt backer FYI only. Quite a bit different from what customer originally wanted but a tad more legible IMO!


                                        Thanks again.



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                                          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

                                          I'm glad my suggestions were helpful.Thanks for sharing your final design. I agree that the font is a bit more legible. Another plus is the new font has matching numerals. Nice.