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    How to NOT save a file name extension ?!

    photogyulai Level 1

      Hey Everybody!


      I have a script for Photoshop >>  a little extension >> i click on a button and the script save the .jpg file into a png file  (with additional stuff "of course") in the same folder.


      Works like a charm ....


      But when this is the original filename :  example.jpg


      I get this png filename: example.jpg.png


      i save the filename and the path with this code:

      filePath = app.activeDocument.path + '/' + app.activeDocument.name; + '.png';



      The goal is to get rid of the  ".jpg"  section of the new file name.


      I tried to save the filename into a variable and then reduce the number of the characters or save it without the extension, but no luck yet.


      any ideas??!


      thank You!