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    Anyone have Windows 10, InDesign CC, and a Wacom Intuos Pro? I'm having compatibility issues.

    Kevin M Lepp Level 1

      So here is the issue:


      I have a brand new Dell computer. I used to have a 7 year old Dell. I've had this issue on both systems. Just changed over to the new Dell. Old one finally upgraded to Windows 10, and that's when I noticed the issue, so I had to revert back to Windows 7. Ended up getting a new computer hoping and expecting the issue to not be there with a brand new system. I was wrong.

      While using the Wacom tablet, InDesign get's kind of frozen when I try to grab something. If I move the cursor outside of the program it jolts back working, but once I try to move an object again it gets stuck... until I move it outside the InDesign window. The issue ive found is with the pressure sensitivity aspect of the Wacom tablet and how it works with Windows 10 new "Windows Ink" programming. I've seen that people have had other Adobe compatibility issues with Wacom and Windows Ink, but I havent found anyone with my specific issue. I've turned off Windows Ink, which you can do in the Wacom Tablet Properties, under Mapping, but it doesnt totally fix the whole problem. That solves the issue in InDesign, but only because it turns off the pressure sensitivity aspect of the Wacom tablet. So then when I'm in Photoshop, I'm now without that aspect (and I can't turn it on and off otherwise Photoshop gets confused and I have to restart the programs, sometimes rebooting the system entirely.) That pressure sensitivity aspect is just as important since I do illustration type graphic design and use it to sketch and do other sensitivity related actions. So I'm stuck now. I'm using a mouse and a tablet, going back and forth as I need to. I dont know what to do, because I can't use only my tablet anymore. ... and I HATE using a mouse. Once you go tablet, you never go back.


      Please help!!!!