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    Exporting Nikon D5 nef files to hard drive, no preview image


      I have just switched to Lightroom and Photoshop CC from Lightroom 5.7 in order to import images from a Nikon D5. After making some edits, I exported the files as originals to my backup drives with the xmp data. When I went into the backup drive to check that the exports were there, no preview images show, only a NEF icon with the file number. The file I exported at the same time that was shot with my D810 has an image and is labeled as a nef file but the image shows the changes made in Lightroom. Also, when I click on one of the D5 images, it takes me to Photoshop and the image that comes up shows the edits and not the raw image.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you for your help