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    trouble importing nef files?

    kims16 Level 1

      I've installed LR 6, and downloaded cameraraw 9- onto a new HP laptop running windows 10 and cannot get LR to recognize my NEF files. What's up?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Please do Help > System Info and report the exact version of LR you are running. Also, what camera model?

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            kims16 Level 1

            sorry for the belated reply. I wasn't sure how quickly things would unfold in this community of help. so I didn't know how often to check...thanks for your weighing in.

            I'm running LR 6.0 [1044445]. The camera is a Nikon D-7100.

            I downloaded camera raw 9.1.1. and also 9.5 since the first one didn't work, I thought maybe the 9.5 would. But no luck. They were zipped, and I unzipped and ran the startup wizard.

            I'm not yet even trying to download from a camera card, just trying to get recognition of NEF files already on the computer. But they were from that camera

            I'll check back here in the morning. I'm really hoping this can work -- I just don't understand what the obstacle is. Thanks.

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              Any version of Lightroom 4.4 and newer will read your D7100 NEF files.


              What error message are you getting?

              Or what strange behavior are you seeing?

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                kims16 Level 1

                Thanks. When I begin the import process, and I identify a folder on my hard drive that contains NEF files, the thumbnails will not actually appear (as images), they just show with no image and an error message that says 'preview unavailable for this file.' If I try to import anyway, it shows a dialogue box with the list of the files, saying that they are not recognized by the raw format support in lightroom 10.

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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  Upload a couple of the pics to Dropbox or similar and post the link here.  We can verify that the files can be loaded into LR.

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                    Bob Somrak Level 6

                    Did you use "Nikon Transfer" to copy the files to the computer?

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                      kims16 Level 1

                      I'm not sure how to answer that question, so let me describe what I do. I download the photos from the camera by plugging it into the laptop, and it opens ViewNX2. I then import them there. This makes them appear in a viewer in NX2, but I am aware that it creates a folder on my hard drive that it labels "Nikon Transfer 2", with subfolders created with every separate download. So when I try to use LR, I point the import to the file folder (or subfolder, but not individual pictures) that is within the folder labeled Nikon transfer 2. Does that mean, in your terms, that I am using Nikon Transfer to copy them?


                      Now that is where I have had the failure. But please read on...


                      On the new laptop I didn't even have ViewNX 2, I was merely pointing to files that I had copied to the hard drive (from existing Nikon Transfer 2 folders, created previously as described above. That's where the failures have been.


                      So I thought I'd try to see if it mattered...I downloaded ViewNX 2 to the new laptop, took NEW photos (NEFs) and downloaded them as described above. THEN I tried pointing LR to the Nikin Transfer 2 folder and, voila, it recognized the photos and imported them.


                      So . . . it seem that with new photos, downloaded the usual way for me -- into  NX2 -- they can be imported to LR. But my previous photos, in folders that were created in the exact same fashion by NX2, don't get recognized by LR.


                      What are your thoughts about how to be able to retrieve the other photos into LR?


                      I'm hoping that my explanation makes the puzzle of WHY fall into place for you.



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                        kims16 Level 1

                        In light of my reply above, I'll hold off on posting to dropbox, since you may have the ability to easily sort this out from the latest info. But if it still helps, I'm happy to do it, or wait to see if it is necessary. Thnaks.

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                          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                          As Bob alluded to, older versions of ViewNX could corrupt downloaded NEFs.  See this article for more information and a possible fix: Fix Corrupted Nikon NEF Images. It smells like you may have encountered this problem, since pics downloaded with the newest version of ViewNX on your new laptop don't have the problem.

                          You could try applying the fix linked to above.  If that doesn't work, or if you're not sure this is the problem, then go ahead and upload a sample pic to Dropbox.

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                            kims16 Level 1

                            ok, thanks. I'll try the fix on a few files and see what that does. Hopefully that will make them compatible with LR. I have thousands of such photos, so I am both hoping the fix works, but also trying to figure out a way to triage so that I wouldn't be in the position of having to 'fix' thousands of pictures. A difficult dilemma.

                            But I will report back after trying this in the next day or two -- I won't be able to download the fix until monday. Thank you.

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                              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              There is absolutely no need for you to be using the Nikon software to download your images. You would do well to simply use the import dialog that is part of Lightroom. The version of Lightroom you are using should easily import the raw images from your D7100.

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                                kims16 Level 1

                                Thank you -- going forward I'll go directly from camera to LR. The problem started because I was having trouble importing existing photos (originally form the D7100) into LR. These photos are from my current collection of photos that were downloaded before I had LR, so they came in through ViewNX2. So for the future I'll import directly; But I still face the problem of incompatibility with the existing collection...


                                So I'll try the suggested fix for those files. Thanks for your collective guidance.