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    Adobe Draw on iPad erased all my drawings?


      I've been using Adobe Draw for iPad for a few days and I really enjoy it, but when I opened the app it said I had to sign back in. When I signed back in, I noticed that all of my drawings were missing. I am really disappointed about this and I'm eager to get my drawings back. Does anyone know what happened are any possible solutions to get my drawings back?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Cameron,


          I'm really sorry about this. I know how awful it is to have your work go missing. A couple of things: We found an issue in the Adobe ID creation process that is causing these random sign-outs to occur (the team is working on a fix right now and a new version of the app should be in the iTunes App Store in a day or two). A couple of questions: Did you create your Adobe ID in the app? Or did you do it somewhere else?


          Don't post it here, but please send me (by direct message on the forums or through the in-app feedback) the email address associated with your Adobe ID so the team can check the server logs to see if we can recover your work.




          Update: There are new versions of Draw and Sketch in the App Store that resolve a sign-out issue happening with new Adobe IDs.

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            I can report having the same thing happen after just opening Draw a moment ago. As usual, it demanded I sign in again, (pre-existing account not created through the app) and when I did it helpfully erased all my previous work. I went back through the App Store updates list, and I'm running the newest version, released on the 4th.


            To describe Adobe's mobile apps as 'useless trash' doesn't even begin to cover it. No sane professional will ever even attempt to use these incompetent programs when the only thing they reliably do is waste your time. They are a liability, not an asset.