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    Can't see 'Edit In' option


      So, I downloaded the now free Nik collection to try it out in Lightroom. I was using the Lightroom trial version, which had expired before this collection became available for free, and now I can't see the 'Edit In' option for any of the Nik plugins. I see HDR Efex Pro in the 'Export' option but that's it. I don't even see a grayed out 'Edit In', it's just not there anymore.


      Is this because my Lightroom trial has ended?

      I used the Nik collection with Lightroom just a month before, when the trial was still working, and it worked just fine.


      But I removed the old installation of Nik and installed the free, full version and since then I've not seen the 'Edit In' option for any apps, not even Photoshop. Again, my trial had expired when I removed the old version and installed the new one. Is this because of my trial of Lightroom ending??