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    move bookmark target?


      I have created bookmarks that direct to each of about 20 images in my book document. The target is the title of the image which is below the figure itself. When I export as pdf and click on a bookmark, it puts the image title at the top of the screen which means that one has to scroll up to actually see the image. I would like to move the target to above the image, so that when one clicks on the bookmark, the image is displayed.


      I can do this by deleting the current bookmarks and then recreating, manually typing in the image title as the bookmark name.  I was hoping, however, that one could just drag and drop.  No luck figuring out how to do so, however.  I've tried both selection tools, they just pick up the frame. I tried using Alt-click to select, and Ctrl-click, no luck with those either.  Nothing when I right click.


      I can see what I think is the bookmark target, a funny Y symbol...


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll have an easier time doing it in Acrobat.


          Open the Bookmarks pane to view the bookmarks. Highlight the bookmark whose destination you want to change. Move to a different page or change your view. Then right-click on the bookmark and from the contextual menu choose Set Destination. You'll be asked to confirm the change.