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    CS6 Perpetual License and Nikon D5

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      My version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended says it is up to date (MAC) version 13.0.6 x64.  It reports it uses cameral raw v. But that version does not see images from Nikon D5.  To see D5 images appears to require ACR v. 9.5.  Downloaded and says it installed, but CS6 says it still uses 13.0.6 x64. What is happening? Issue of "format not readable" also in Lightroom 6 Perpetual license

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          Richard Southworth Level 3

          Adobe cut off ACR updates for CS6, you'll have to either update to CC or use the free DNG converter.


          Richard Southworth

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            Getting the message from Adobe.  But I have tens of thousands of images in perpetual lightroom.  I believe that if I start using CC, my perpetual copy will not read the CC catalog.  And if I convert the perpetual catalog, I can not go back.  What workflow to protect ability of present perpetual catalog to always be readable in perpetual?  Restated, do I create a new catalog and use that for CC? And if I wish, export from that new CC catalog with sidecar as if it were a new image were I ever to leave Adobe? Would those exports be readable by old perpetual catalog if exported from new CC catalog and run through DNG?  In short, I have been burned with Aperture and do not intend to become captive again, if I can protect myself.

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              Richard Southworth Level 3

              You might have better luck obtaining answers to your Lightroom concerns in the Lightroom forum.


              Richard Southworth

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                LR 6 and LR CC 2015 are the same program so there is no catalog difference.  The program just responds differently to how it is licensed as far as which features are available.   LR 6.x (licensed with a serial number) has the features of LR 6.0, until LR 7.  LR CC (licensed by an AdobeID signin that has a CC subscription) has the features as they are added, with Dehaze and Boundary Warp for panoramas being the main new things that LR CC has but LR 6 doesn’t.


                If you want to work with native raw files from your new D5 with both Lightroom and Photoshop then you should sign up for the CC Photography Plan subscription, which (in the US) is $120/year payable at $10/month.  You will have access to the latest LR and the latest PS.

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                  SSprengel, thank you but I have not made my question clear, I guess.


                  I will always have LR6.x  Suppose I use LRCC for a year and then quit. If I continue to use the same catalog for both, after I quit CC, what will LR6.x be able to read/adjust?  I thought LR6.x could always adjust what I presently have in its catalog.  And I thought, were I to use the same catalog and open one of my existing images and process it with LRCC, thereafter only LRCC could open/adjust that newly modified image.  So if I quit CC, within my "old" catalog if I have used CC to adjust some images, I will have some images that LR6.x can still modify, and some it can not.  Based upon that understanding, and because LR has virtually unlimited catalog feature, I would create a new primary catalog when I got CC and all images adjusted in CC would go in that catalog.  Thus, LR6.x could always adjust images in its "dedicated" catalog...and CC would adjust images in its "dedicated" catalog so long as I maintained my CC subscription. But if I were to end that CC subscription, I would select all (in the CC dedicated catalog) and export with sidecar.  That would get my images our as no-longer-adjustable images which I could import into the LR6.x dedicated catalog for future edits if desired using the limited features of LR6.x


                  I have no aversion to subscription based LR...just a fear that one day Adobe and I might part ways.  And I protect my images first.


                  If the clarification is helpful, do you now see why I discussed two separate catalogs?  Would this maximize my image protection?  Is there a better way?  I just do not share the view that CC subscription will not bite me, so am attempting to at least retain forever (for the camera formats including my D4) what currently LR6 and Photoshop 6, perpetual licenses provide.

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                    Actually, Richard, posted there after you suggested.  But here folks take the time to answer ;-)

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The LR program currently operates in one of four modes depending on the licensing status:


                      1. LR unlicensed but within 30 day trial -- LR CC features
                      2. LR unlicensed but trial expired -- LR limited operation except Develop and Print modules are disabled so you cannot make more adjustments but can still see your photos the way they were when the license was in effect.
                      3. LR licensed with a serial number -- the CC-only features are gone from the UI, but any images adjusted with them continue to be rendered that way, so if an image has a Dehaze adjustment that rendering will remain but you cannot readjust the amount of Dehaze other than resetting the image so that there is the default Dehaze amount, usually zero.
                      4. LR licensed with a logged in AdobeID that has a current CC subscription associated with it -- LR CC features


                      If you quit paying a CC subscription then LR reverts to the unlicensed-beyond-trial-period mode described in step 2, until you license it with a serial number, although you might have to attach that serial number to another AdobeID, I'm not sure, because I've never been in this situation, but maybe you know because you have?


                      All four of these modes use the same catalog because LR is the same program. The catalog is the same whether LR is licensed as LR 6 with a serial number or LR CC 2015 with a CC subscription.


                      When things change when catalogs become incompatible, and this may be your question, is when the next major pay-for LR upgrade is released, I'll call it LR 7/2017, assuming there is a LR 7 and everything hasn't gone to CC by then.   LR 7/2017 would be a new version of the program with a new catalog database structure and you can't open LR 7/2017 databases with LR 6/2015.   So if you have a subscription to LR CC 2017 and then stop paying but don't have a LR 7 serial number then you won't be able to use your LR 7/2017 catalog in LR 6.  The catalog is incompatible because a new version of LR has come out not because one is licensed with a CC subscription and one is licensed with a serial number.  When you think about a CC subscription, use the year designation with it, CC 2015 vs CC 2017, then things won't be as confusing.


                      But if you did want to quit paying a monthly subscription amount, you could presumably buy an upgrade serial number and continue to use LR, just without any UI to features that have been added to LR CC since the .0 version of each came out, assuming that there is a serial-number-licensed LR version still available.

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                        I have joined and observed a number of discussion groups, photography and others.  And I am pretty old. And your response is the most on point, thoughtful and informed response I have read to anyone’s question.


                        Thank you for considering, analyzing, and — although I believe it is not a question of direct interest to you — solving my question fully.


                        My respects. Thank you! 


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