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    Help with cache folders


      Hello,  I didn`t find explanation this mundane question:

      In the preferences, choose folder cache, is: users/myname/library/caches by default.

      is it suppose to be like this?

      When I empty the disk cache, my video composition is also deleted from my works.

      What is the right way to proceed here?

      AboutThanks, I`m a novise..

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That sounds like the normal default path for your disk cache.

          When you empty your cache, your composition should still exist in your project. If it doesn't something weird is going on. Please describe your issue in more detail.

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            AJFriman Level 1

            Hello S,

            I try to explain, here goes:


            After Effects CC


            Now, when starting the program it says:

            "Warning - Your disk cache folder is on a drive that does not enough available space to safely store the full amount specified in your preferences. Please make more space available or go to Media & Disk Cache preferences to change the folder or maximum disk cache size"


            ( I have 78GB free space on my laptop )


            Settings -

            Enable disk cache, check.

            Max disk cache size 70GB

            Choose folder - /users/anttifriman/library/Caches


            Confirmed Media Cache-

            Database - /Users/anttifriman/Library/Application support/Adobe/Common

            Cache -  /Users/anttifriman/Library/Application support/Adobe/Common


            With these settings the video layer disappeared when I emptied the disk cache.

            & I have only made short 15 second videos. That shouldn`t be so hard to process?


            How and where should I change the cache folder ?

            What drive should I use ?

            Etc ?



            Any help appreciated.





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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Are you saying the layer disappeared from the timeline or the layer stopped showing up in the composition viewer?

              Changing the cache folder won't help if you don't have another drive to point it to.

              And a fifteen second video could easily fill your cache with stuff. Uncompressed HD video can easily be about a GB per second. So that's 15 GB for each layer. And, keep in mind, this is a cache, so every time you make a change, it's adding more stuff to the cache each time. Also, you don't want your computer's hard drive to be that full. It's a bad idea to have any hard drive (but ESPECIALLY the one with your OS) with less than 20% free. You should probably give AE less cache space and figure out how to free up some more space on your drive.

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                AJFriman Level 1


                It has disappeared from the composition, there is just a "colorcodeframe" in its place.

                Interestingly audio has not disappeared.

                All the visual stuff has.


                it saves the works in "Documents" section.

                Today I made a new folder "Aftereffectsworks" and moved it into "AnttiFriman" section.

                What drive should i point it to?

                Sorry, I don`t know these kind of stuff well..

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                  AJFriman Level 1

                  I have tried to find basic instructions for AE CC settings info, but not find any..


                  I have

                  Yosemite 10.10.5

                  MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2011

                  2,2 GHz Intel Core i7

                  8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

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                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    What version of After Effects CC are you using? If you go to After Effects CC>About After Effects, it will tell you the exact version number. It should start with 12 or 13 for CC, but what are the numbers after that?

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It sounds to me like you have put your source footage in the cache folder or you have deleted your source footage. Use the default location for cache until you have a better understanding of how AE works, put all of your source footage in a separate folder and save your project files in another folder. Do not move anything around and you should be fine. You don't need that much space for disk cache. I usually have mine set to about 25GB. That is plenty for most projects.