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    Question poor video quality


      Hallo, mein Name ist Dieter,

      ich habe eine Frage zur Video-Qualität mit Premiere Elements 13. Die gerenderten Videos ruckeln und flimmern. Wenn ich die MOV-Clips mit dem Windows Media Player abspiele, ist die Qualität einwandfrei. Auch mit Windows Movie Maker ist die Qulität ganz ok.

      Die Filme sind mit einer Nikon D750 aufgenommen, die Bildrate beträgt 59 Bilder/Sek..

      Ich habe die Premiere Element-Videos auf verschiedenen Rechnern, selbst sehr hochwertigen, abgespielt und die Qualität ist auf allen Rechnern schlecht.

      Kann mir jemand helfen was die Ursache des Problems sein könnte?

      Vielen Dank


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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I'm answering from a long way aways, near Seattle, Washington State, USA!  Unfortunately I have not yet learned your language and have to rely on computers for translation.


          Without more detail about your camera settings and your project settings, this will be a guess.  I assure you that if we match the camera footage, with the project settings and then the output settings you will get a video that is as good as the clips straight from the camera. 


          I don't think you are using the correct output for you camera.  But, I'm not sure your camera is set right either.  For best quality your camera should be set to shoot 1920x1080p60, or "Full HD".  It may show up in the menu as "MPEG-4 AVC/H.264". 


          You did not say what your Premier Elements project settings are or how you set them.


          In Premier Elements, try this:  Publish&Share > pick Computer > pick AVCHD > from the Presets list pick "MP4-H.264 1920x1080 p30" > set the File Name > set the Storage Location.


          At this point you may want to press the Advance button and then press the Match Source button.  But, this step may not be necessary.


          Finally, press the Save button.


          Good luck!

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When making a new project drag a clip into the timeline to force the project settings to be the same as the clips.

            Which probably will be avchd and 60p.

            Might be that you playback quality is set to automatic (right click monitor).

            That is fine, just check if the export is of good quality.

            What are your computer specs?

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              hdstupp Level 1

              Dear “whsprague”,




              I answer your response on my question concerning “poor video quality” dated april-02-16.


              I tried your proposal “Publish&Share > pick Computer > pick AVCHD > from the Presets list pick "MP4-H.264 1920x1080 p30" > set the File Name > set the Storage Location” and as you assumed, the result is excellent. Thank you very much for your great help. I can regard my videos now without to be angry.


              I hope you have a convenient time in Seattle. Greeting from Germany.








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              Question poor video quality



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