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    Fluid in a tube

      I am wanting to simulate a curved 'tube' filling with a 'fluid' in 2D. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank You!
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          How curved is the tube, how is it oriented, and how much detail do you intend for the filling aspect?
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            Thanks for the response - the system I am wanting to illustrate has tubing between several tanks, tubing could be placed orthogonally, simple is fine, not much detail needed - just to give the idea of a tube (pipe) filling,
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Well, for practice sake, open a new file and draw the tubes first, maybe using rectangles that you bend and shape (look into Modify->Transform->Envelope for one means, and/or just drag the long sides of the tube to bend them). The pseudo-tubes should have borders and fills, the borders being the tube and the fill being the liquid.

              Once you have them drawn, select the fill and cut it and paste it two layers below the border. On the layer between them, draw a rectangle that will cover the length of the tube, and convert that to a graphic symbol (right click it, convert to symbol--select graphic).

              Move that symbol to the end of the tube before where the filling will start so that it doesn't cover the tube. Then some number of frames down the timeline (try 60 for a start), insert a keyframe on the graphic symbol's layer, and in the last frame, move the graphic to cover the whole tube.

              Then, in the first frame of that layer, apply a motion tween (right click on the frame and select add motion tween).

              Then add frames to the other two layers (that same 60 frames away) so that they are visible that entire length, like the graphic should be. Then right click on the label of the middle layer's title and select "mask". Run the movie.

              These directions are likely not perfect, so expect to struggle with it a little if you're not familiar with anything I mentioned.
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                Thank you for the suggestion, I will do as you suggest. Have good day!