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    I am trying to save an object (Parrot) that has no rectangle.  I want to show the parrot ONLY.  Can anyone help?


      I have a mac mini and Mavericks.

      I have Photoshop Elements 12.

      I can make a layer mask.

      But I do NOT want to move it into another picture.

      I want to see the image only.   no rectangle.


      I was successful once.  Made a layer mask of  a parrot, for instance, which shows on my desktop with a soft blue rectangle.

      The blue represents invisible pixels.

      When I drag this file into an fine art app, I see ONLY the parrot.

      That is my goal.


      Does anyone know how to save the mask so that mask is all that you see? like my parrot-

      Parrot _edited-5 copy.jpg



      I would be so appreciative for any help. I think this is easy for a computer expert. ..which I'm not.





      I'm learning.