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    how do you shrink a PDF that has a lot of logos


      One of our users has a large PDF file at 66,571 KB and yet it's only 37 pages long and mostly text.  There are pages that have logos in it.  It is a financial type of document.

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          ms_baker Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Chuck -


          That is a big file! You can decrease its size and still preserve the quality of the logo images quickly. Choose File > Save as Other > Reduced Size PDF.


          The first dialog you see asks for your compatibility version. Leave the compatibility at a high version level for better image reduction results. Click OK.




          Follow the prompts in the resulting dialog boxes to save the file (it's best to rename the file in case you aren't pleased with the results). You should have considerable file size savings with this simple process. For more control over the compression components, open the Optimize PDF tools (part of the Protect & Standardize tools) and use the PDF Optimizer.