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    Lens metadata conundrum

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      Not really an ACR problem, but I have a tricky problem which needs clever minds and I can't think of a better place to ask...


      I have a Nikon D800 and a few lenses. I shoot Raw and upload photos to my Windows PC using Bridge. I process the Raw images in the latest version of ACR & Photoshop.


      Today, I noticed that, for the last few weeks, Bridge is showing no Lens Model data for my new images. Anything up to the end of February is okay, but the next shoot on 19th March and later just has a blank in the Lens field.



      However, once you load that image into ACR, it's recognised.




      I even installed Nikon's software, and it agreed...




      I wondered if this was anything to do with Bridge being updated to 6.2 recently, but I'd have thought that it would affect all images, new and old. I even uploaded a few images manually, in case the photodownloader was causing problems--no difference.

      I wondered if Nikon's Lens Distortion data firmware update (2.009 to 2.013) was causing the problem. If I could downgrade to the last version, that might help, but I can't find the file. But anyway, ACR and ViewNX have no trouble reading the lens model. Why would it only affect Bridge?


      I'm stumped. You guys are the cleverest people with this sort of stuff, do you have any suggestions?

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          At the risk of talking to myself, I have some news to report...


          Nikon doesn't want to know. As far as they're concerned it works fine with their software.


          The problem also exists in Lightroom.


          Someone suggested that there is a bug in LR6.5/ACR9.5, which is known and awaiting a fix. Whilst ACR does display the lens data below the histogram, it's possible that it's not communicating this to Bridge as a plug-in.


          So maybe this was the right forum after all!

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            I found a setup.zip for ACR 9.4 and had to manually extract and rename the plug-in from the archive.


            I am now running with ACR 9.4 and the lens details are back!!