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    Creating Simple Online Form And Appointment Schedule ??


      Hello guys,


      I am currently going through some modifications to my business website and was thinking of possibly having a inactive section for users where they could potentially fill in the details and book and appointment online using the spaces that was available. Obviously the appointments with a consultant that was already taken would show up in a different colour ect.


      I know that there is a lot of tools out there that can do this kind of thing for wordpress sites using various plugins. But i wanted to create one using a bit more imagination, just a few little features that made it different, stand out and be more eye catching. Just simple things like slide transactions between clicks and the way texts appears in the form ect.


      Would i be going down the right kind of road to create this kind of feature by using Adobe Products? Mostly i was thinking this because i know that online games require flash player and it would be a similar kind of thing to create i guess? Would Flash Builder be the right product? I must admit i am not the best at this kind of thing but i have a few friends who have a better idea than me. I just need to purchase the software for them.


      My website is SEO Global Networks and as you can see a lot of the transactions on the page are very smooth and fluent. i would also like my new feature to be.


      Thanks in advance for any advice.