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    I am having problems signing in to Lightroom in my Creative Cloud account.


      Here are the details of the chat that I had with Adobe:


      For additional help, reach us at http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html

      General Info

      Chat start time

      Mar 27, 2016 12:01:29 PM EST

      Chat end time

      Mar 27, 2016 12:10:32 PM EST

      Duration (actual chatting time)





      Chat Transcript

      info: Thank you for your patience.

      While you wait, you can try our community forums where experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

      info: You are now chatting with Praveen.
      Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.

      Praveen: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
      Praveen: Hi Richard
      Richard Rhinehart: Hello Praveen - I'm here.
      info: Your chat transcript will be sent to  at the end of your chat.
      Praveen: I understand that you are unable to use the subscription, am I correct?
      Richard Rhinehart: Correct.
      Praveen: I am glad to check and help you on that.
      Richard Rhinehart: Thank you.
      Praveen: You are welcome.
      Praveen: I have checked and see that you have Creative Cloud Photography plan (one-year, prepaid) under your account, are you referring to the same?
      Richard Rhinehart: Yes.
      Praveen: Please sign out and Sign in to the Photoshop/Lightroom App and try to use it.
      Praveen: Launch Photoshop/Lightroom App > on top left corner you can see Help option > click on Help > you will get Sign out/sign in option.
      Richard Rhinehart: OK - working on it.
      Praveen: Okay.
      Richard Rhinehart: I signed out and then signed in a again. It still says that my account requires renewed.
      Praveen: I have checked and see that due to some technical issues your subscription still in suspended mode.
      Praveen: I have escalated the case to relevant team, they will check and contact you regarding the same within 2-3 days.
      Richard Rhinehart: Thank you.
      Praveen: You are welcome.
      Praveen: Is there anything else I can help you with?



      Of course, no one from Adobe has contacted me.

      I've searched the forums and have have take the following additional actions:

      - followed recommendations to delete opm.db from my local user folder.  This did not fix the problem.

      - uninstall and reinstall all adobe products.

      - multiple combinations of the above in various orders.


      Any ideas?


      I just renewed with an annual pre-paid account but I'm tempted to cancel - and to cancel and dispute the cc charge because as far as I'm concerned, Adobe hasn't delivered the product I ordered since they won't acknowledge my account.


      Many thanks for your time.