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    Question on setting up my drives


      Hello everyone. I just got a few new drives and was a little confused on the best way to set up PP to use them.


      I have:


      1- 250Gb SSD with the OS and Programs on it

      2- 250Gb SSD empty

      3- 250Gb SSD empty

      4- 1Tb SSD with my Raw footage (Out from my DSLR Camera)

      5- 1.5Tb HDD for storage etc

      6- 1Tb HDD for other storage


      Numbers 2,3,4 I would like to use for PP


      Please let me know when I start a new project and the window pops up for setting the scratch drives up which ones to do. I am getting confused about this. Before I was only using 1 SSD for everything and boy was it slow.


      Thanks so much.