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    Finally found a fix for Creative Cloud app update issue/errors on Mac running YOSEMITE


      A tip for those on Macs who have not yet solved a problem downloading the Creative Cloud app update. If like me, you have tried everything...uninstaller, installer, CC cleaner, manually removing files...I ended up with multiple errors (2 and then 43 were the repeats), and in the process made a mess of my programs... If you have been searching in vain for a solution, I hope that mine will work for you, too.

      1. Go to system preferences on your Mac
      2. Select Users and Groups - Create a new user account with admin privileges.
      3. From the new admin user account on your Mac, download and install the old Adobe Application Manager for Mac from the Adobe site. (I hesitate to include a link.)
      4. The old Adobe application manager automatically updates to the newest Creative Cloud app.
      5. Log in to Creative Cloud to confirm that you do not have any issues
      6. Log out of Creative Cloud and then out of the new admin account that you created solely for this purpose.
      7. Log back in to your usual admin account, open and log in to the Creative Cloud App.
      8. Go to system preferences and delete the extra admin account.

      All should be well, and you should be able to install or update as usual.

      Good Luck!