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    Is there a way to change the flow of text (in a PDF) of a page designed with 2 or 3 column text to flow continously from left to right removing the column formatting? (Is there a feature in the PDF to enable the reader to do this?)


      Or is there a feature in InDesign to enable this to then work in the PDF?


      We have feedback from readers of publications we design that view on-screen on desktop computers that find it difficult and annoying to read text designed in columns. They have to scroll up and down in order to read all of the story. There is fluid layout which works for devices and such, but is there a way you can output a PDF that includes a button perhaps at to the top of the  column text to enable the text to flow continuously so reader can view and read text easier?


      Feedback from readers such as "with three columns there is no continuity as the page has to be be scrolled up and down constantly". Clearly most readers are not viewing this on a 27inch Mac where this would not be an issue, they are most likely on 13-15inch laptops or desktop monitors as such and hence we'd like to know if we have the ability to offer the above?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.