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    Shift key not working indesign


      Shift key has stopped working. No longer aligning when using the line tool.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Almost always this is because of conflicting third party software. Look for browser plug-ins (Chrome seems a particular offender) which might cause the problem. Test by restarting your computer. Open InDesign first before your other software and see the problem persists.

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            SPM_Mreilly Level 1

            Stopped working for me today. I noticed the following:


            • It isn't allowing to move an object and constrain to moving in a straight line or at a 45 degree angle
            • It isn't constraining proportions when resizing using the selection tool (when using the transform tool it works, although the preview doesn't indicate as such, once you let go it snaps to the nearest proportion)
            • Dragging guides from the ruler aren't snapping to the increments on the ruler.


            On a separate note, I also noticed that alt dragging an object doesn't copy the object. I am unsure if this is at all related to the other issue.


            I don't know what system Jacksonh is using. But I am on a Mac, using Adobe CC.


            Also, these same shortcuts all work in Illustrator CC, I haven't tested Photoshop CC, but I am pretty sure this is only and InDesign issue.


            As for 3rd party plugins, I don't have any on InDesign, and the computer is only a little over a week old.

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              SPM_Mreilly Level 1

              So... now I feel like an idiot... I restarted my computer, probably should have tried that first. It works now. Jackson I hope that it works for you as well.