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    phonegap autorefresh very slow and not working

    razb18907124 Level 1

      hello, ive created an app using the phonegap.

      and set the command: phonegap serve.

      this works, when im using s4 to run the project with the phongap app it loads the project (after 2 mins or even more)

      and every chagne i do, even just saving after writing "blablabla" is not live updating, all the time i need to press 3 fingers and reconnect the whole server again.


      now we have to mention an important thing:

      when doing so with tiny projects, such a the demo project that phonegap supplies, it works.

      the changed are get updated after 3 seconds (which is also a bit slow but its okay).

      therefore: when projects becomes a little ranger, the phonegap app stops to be useful.


      can you tell me why is it?
      is phonegap slow?


      also, the project ive tested is just some html without any ajax calls.