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    Need urgent help, 20 hours to finish project

      Hi there,

      I am using Robohelp 6, I have completed all changes and I have one major problem, everything is working except when I generate the project in webhelp pro and I go to the index, a keyword will link to a topic name that is no longer being used, so for example if you go to the index and click on the word XP configuration report, that will link you to the topics associated with that report (a gray submenu of topics associated with that keyword) but one of the topics will read "how_to_use_xp_config_report" and I need it to read "How to use the XP Configuration Report". I have already changed all the title tags in Project Manager and the funny thing is they read fine in the Search part of the index, but some of the topics still read incorrectly when I click on an index keyword that is linked to topics.

      Should I delete the index file and re-run the index? Honestly this has been bugging me for so long, please help
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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          I hate it when that happens. It's a case of a feature that can turn into a nightmare.

          This is what is going on: when you create a new index link, it copies the topic title from the properties to be the "visible" topic title in the index results. You see it in the little gray box, and on the Index tab in the little Topics For: pane at the bottom of the list. But that's a copy of the title, not a link, so it doesn't respond when you change the topic title in the properties. The reason for it (I think) is to make it editable.

          You are going to have to fix these by hand. There are two ways (in RH6):
          1) Open the Index tab. Select the first index term. Look at the Topics For: pane and fix any ugly ones (just click and wait a second, like renaming a file in Windows Explorer). Then select the next index term.
          2) Make a copy of your <projectname>.hhk file somewhere safe. With the project not open in RoboHelp, open the .hhk file in Notepad. Each topic link in the file has a section that contains object type="text/sitemap". This section, in turn, has two kinds of param lines: param name = "Local" (DON'T TOUCH IT - that's the link) and param name = Name (edit the ugly ones - these are visible). Now open the project in RoboHelp, generate it, and pray you didn't break anything.

          Good luck!