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    .NEF File and Metadata Issues When Using Nikon D5


      Just got my Nikon D5 five days ago and I'm having the following problems:


      1) Lightroom does not recognize raw (.nef) files created by my Nikon D5. When I try to import them into Lightroom, each file icon says the file is not supported.


      2) After shooting with my Nikon D5, Lightroom metadata has every lens (all Nikkor) I use listed as lens unknown.



      I'm using a Macbook Pro computer with up to date MAC software. (Mac OS-X El Capitain v.10.11.4).

      Lightroom is up to date as of today-- Lightroom version: 6.5 [ 1067055 ].


      Does anyone know where the problem lies-- Nikon, Adobe or Apple?