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    OSX El Capitan, Lightroom CC, GoPro Videos, playback stops and is jerky


      Hi All,


      My first post to the community.


      I am using Lightroom CC (trial), with a fully spec'd iMac (24gb Ram, 4gb Video)..

      I've imported some vacation photos and videos.  Photos fine, but the video performance is terrible in Lightroom.


      Footage from GoPro 4 black, ranging from 720p240fps, 1080p120fps and 4k30fps, and nothing plays properly.


      starts for a few seconds, pauses playback after a couple of seconds, then goes all jerky and then pauses completely.  Audio in the background still playing.


      The files play fine in Quicktime, or the GoPro app...


      Any ideas?  this is rendering Lightroom useless in my workflow.  I really don't want to go back to OSX Photos.