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    "Authentication details not verified" message when I try to upload to Youtube. How can I fix this please?


      I have been using Premiere Elements 11 for several years with no problems uploading videos to Youtube.  However I recently discovered that I have two Youtube channels under the same name when I was trying to delete a video. I "signed out" - I think! from the "Share" section of Elements - I think this caused the problem I am now having as now when I try to upload I get a message asking me to "Authorise Premiere to upload to Youtube" I click on "Complete Authorization" and I get the message "Authentication details not verified". I can't find whether the problem is with Youtube or Premiere and nowhere can I find how to re-input my Youtube password so that Premiere can log in to Youtube and upload my video. This has got to be something simple - but it escapes me entirely! Any help would be most appreciated. - Rod