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    Unable to Install fonts

    niclin groupp48268973

      Hi there,

      An internal user has received through email InDesign fonts from one of our clients. But when she tries to install them, she receives the attached error message "Cannot Install <fontname>".




      We have tried calling Adobe several times over the past few days, but they are unreachable. We used webchat but they couldn't resolve the issue and suggested us to call with the case #: 018 766 0762.


      Could someone please tell us whether:

      1. We need to buy additional fonts, or

      2. How can we troubleshoot InDesign to allow for additional fonts installations.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe Font List is not a font and therefore cannot be installed?

          Are any fonts missing when you open InDesign?

          Fonts are not installed via InDesign, they are installed on your computer with any other font.

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            The dialog box you display is from Windows' Font Control Panel, not InDesign. I assume that you tried to drag-and-drop a font into the Control Panel? Or right click on a font file and use the “Install” option?


            The message that your screen shot shows implies that you are trying to “install” a file that isn't a font at all, but rather, a font file list used by InDesign's font rendering system to cache font information. That file is not installable as a font.


            What you need to get is the actual font file itself. If it is a TrueType font, it has the suffix .ttf, if an OpenType CFF font, the suffix .otf. If you are getting a Type 1 font from a Windows system, you need both the .pfm and .pfb file associated with the font. If the fonts are from a Macintosh system, only OpenType CFF and Windows format TrueType fonts are cross-platform compatible.


                          - Dov


            PS:  Of course we don't need to tell you that in general, unless the font(s) in question are truly free fonts, fonts that your client has the legal right and license to send to you for use on their projects, or fonts that your organization has its own license for, such e-mailing and installation of such font files is not legal!