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    CineWare fails to open

    Curtis Dart

      I'm running into an issue here with C4D lite. first Puter is a Win10 Pro  64 bit machine, Nvidia Gtx970,Intel 17-4790K @ 4.00GHz , 32 gigs of RAM.

      My Issue is when I try to open C4D lite from the file/new/C4D menu... I get an error message. AEGP Plugin CineWare Scenelayer : CINERENDER-connection failure ( 5027 :: 12 )

      the CineWare plugin never loads. Now I've looked thru the forum, and tried these things

      !. Reboot and start over. No Luck.

      2. open program files and run AE as admin. No Luck

      3. Turned off my antivirus and fire wall.. No Luck

      4. I have the latest version of AE 2015.. and the latest build of AE 2014..it has the same issue on both of them.

      5. CineWare plugin will not load, So I cant even go to the options and change anything

        At my wits end here... And like everyone else, I have projects to get hammered out and done.. So yes frustrated..

      Any help would be appreciated.