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    Help? Can't import photos from my camera to Lightroom anymore- import status appears frozen.


      I'm using the 2015 CC LightRoom, on a MacBook Air, and a Nikon D750.  I've connected my camera to the laptop, as well as my external hard drive.  I am able to find all the photos on the camera, and I've selected about 250 of them to import.  I click Import to start and the main screen looks positive - it says "Importing files...".  This is how I've imported the last 2000+ photos over the past few weeks.  But today when I try it just sits in this mode and doesn't change.  The little green light on my camera is flashing like mad which I believe means it's transferring data somewhere but the status bar in LR doesn't have even a sliver of a start, and the light on my external hard drive is blinking very regularly and I don't think it's doing anything.  I checked the hard drive folder through Finder and there is a new temporary folder started but it's empty which seems to confirm that nothing is importing.  Any ideas?  I don't have enough disk space to try moving all the photos to my computer first and I don't have a card reader either (maybe I need to get one?).  Super frustrating - I just rented two lenses and want to see the photos on my screen to tell which one I like better and potentially take a few more photos to confirm before I have to take them back tomorrow morning.  But I can't get the photos to import.


      Thank you in advance for your help.