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    Need Some Help Modifying project


      I purchased a template and have managed to get most of what I want done. 

      Comp 1 - YouTube


      That is where I am at so far.  I am hoping that someone can point me to a tutorial or point me in right direction on after the final reveal of the logo a product image appears.  I added the layer and the product shot but it never shows up in the Comp 1.


      I can upload the AEP file if you need to see anything

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First open the General page of your Preferences and make sure synchronize time of related events is checked.


          Now in the main comp move the CTI (current time indicator) to where the logo should appear.


          Now open the Flow chart and expand it to look for your new logo


          Double click the logo in the flow chart to open the comp that contains the logo and check for modified properties of the layer by pressing the U key twice.


          If you don't see the logo then you should at least be in the right place to figure out why it is not visible. If you can't figure it out then post a screenshot of your main comp, flow chart and comp containing the logo with all modified properties revealed by just dragging the screenshots into the reply field of this forum and we can probably help you figure out the problem. The most likely cause is that you didn't replace the stock logo with your logo correctly.

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            derrickyoung7239 Level 1

            Thank You Sir!  You got me close enough I managed to get mostly hat I was after.  I can continue to learn and tweak away.


            Again Thank You!