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    Tracking Text on Long Pan


      I have a drone shot that pedestals up along a tower for about 30 seconds. I want to track text all the way up the tower. The problem I have is that if I set a track point at the top, once it gets to the bottom and leaves the frame, the text stops. This makes sense. So, I have tried to add another track point at the top and have it continue. This doesn't work. It just screws up the first track point and the text still stops.


      I tried adding a second tracker. This doesn't work, either. I read in another forum (on a different kind of tracking issue) that the shot needed to be split. Can anyone verify if this is true?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Step one would be to remove as much lens distortion that you possibly can. Step two, use the camera tracker instead of the motion tracker.


          If that does not work it would really help to see the shot.  Generally you only need to track where you need to place your text. There is no need for tracking information after the text is out of the frame.  You could manually position a keyframe at the head or tail of the action to line things up.


          You can also reposition the tracking area without moving the attach point by holding down the alt/option Key when you drag the search area. That is how you continue to track something that goes off screen. If alt/option doesn't work try ctrl/cmnd. Sometimes my memory isn't perfect. You will know if you get the right modifier key if you get a white arrow.

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            grantn9175573 Level 1

            Thanks, Rick. I had better results with the camera tracker.