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    Mac Input Managers, webkit and Air 1.5


      Having input managers installed (Mac) is causing Jott Express (Adobe Air app) to crash.

      On Dec. 4, it was reported this issue was being worked on...


      @brandon. Try to remove any Input Managers (for example SIMBL) you may have installed (empty /Libary/InputManagers/ and ~/Libary/InputManagers/). The problem appears to be that some of those see that we’re using WebKit and think we’re Safari and try to patch the application in a way that makes it crash.

      @jeff@tribal. Sorry about that. It will be fixed in our next update.

      (arno - AIR Engineering Team)

      Can I get a status update on this?

      Also, is something we can modify within our app to avoid the bug ?


      http://www.mikechambers.com/blog/2008/12/03/have-you-had-any-issues-with-adobe-air-15/comm ent-page-2/#comment-15839