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    [JS] How to get folder count?

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      I want to get a number of folders for a specific directory.





      var folderCount = Folder("C:/test/file/").getFiles( ? );    // Is this what values need?






      If this method is wrong, please tell me the other way.



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          Get all files from folder and then check whether it is a file or folder. Try this one


          var myFileList = Folder("D:/Test").getFiles();

          var folderCount = GetFoldersCount(myFileList) ;



          function GetFoldersCount(fileList)


              var folderCount = 0;

              for (var i = 0; i < fileList.length; i++)


                  var myFile = myFileList[i]; 

                  if (myFile instanceof Folder) 



              return folderCount