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    altered pdf files. altered by sender after receipt


      I have received several pdf files from sources such as chase bank, at&t, and SAPD. On several occasions I have discovered that the pdf files have been altered after I downloaded them. This is interesting as in that I only have acrobat  reader installed not the pay version. Meaning that the sender is the only one who can alter these files as they have the digital security certificate on them. This certificate automatically connects to the web through a back door on adobe and would theoretically allow people to alter files after receipt no matter how long after that happened. I have evidence as I usually prefer to use screenshots as I can imbed them in the email itself. On occasion dates and deposits have been altered as well as whether its a credit or debit. I have also noted that on occasion the company in question also changes there internal ledgers such as dates and amounts, also payments received. This is occasionally done even after a phone call  to a corporation. How many other people have encountered this same issue I cannot determine as my previous posts have apparently never been viewed or commented on.