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    Failure to Install AIR

    nonybd Level 1
      Hello, world!

      I want to install AIR on my computer. Unfortunately, it doesn't want to...

      It says it's installing, and then produces an error: "Sorry, an error occured, you might not have adminstrator priviliges, check with your administrator" or something along those lines. Sooo, I searched around this forum, and googled it, and discovered that I should enable installation logging. I did that, and lo and behold, there's an error; shocking. It states that it gets all the way to "Beginning install...', and then it gets an error. "bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="1601" errorID=0".

      Is there a remedy for this problem?

      P.S. I can't install Adobe Reader either. It talks about how windows installer might not be installed correctly. BUT, I do have Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8 Pro, and all my other software installed just fine.