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    custom page size without printer??


      I'm working at a wedding studio and is planning to go out and run my own business


      right now the studio I'm working at is using an external program that uses photoshop to render album pages with its templates so that I don't have to go through making album pages in photoshop

      (import jpeg files, open template, drag photos into cells, align photos in cells, save, render)


      I'm looking at the print module in lightroom and I see that the module and the external program are pretty much the same (except that the external program does its own rendering with photoshop and it does cost buck)


      and here's the question


      often times wedding albums tend to go larger than the size a normal home office printer can handle and I can't seem to find a way around to making custom page layout without getting an error message.


      does anyone know of a work around?


      many thanks in advance