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    How do I fix an error about DDL file when installing Lightroom 6?


      A few months ago in installed Lightroom 6, by means of Creative Cloud. I don't have a subscription for Creative Cloud, only an ID.

      I bought a serial number for Lightroom 6, by in-download.

      This week my Lightroom doens't work any more.


      I've done a lot , watched a variety of sites and lots of steps followed for all error messages. Completely reinstalled everything. Installing Lightroom to Creative Cloud unsuccessful, then I followed a lots of steps to install Lightroom through a direct link.The whole installation process went well, but at the last minute I got this error message. I 've tried so many now I really do not know anymore. I 'm Dutch , so I would apprecciate easy English.

      I hope anybody can help me, because my clients are waiting for there pictures!

      foutmelding lightroom adobe helpdesk.jpg

      English translation of the error: can not find access point procedure .....................  in DDL file