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    lightroom mobile slideshow


      Nowhere in the manuals, help or support I found the information, which features of Lightrooms fabulous slideshow can be synced to lightroom mobile for offline use:

      My personel order, videoclips and music included, fotos and videos zoomable, text beneath the fotos, full format als portrait or landscape, individual/manual speed of presenting.

      I have all these features in Apples "Fotos" on the iPad, but iTunes and Fotos do not respect my personel order and I don't like to order 200 fotos twice everytime when I change the show.

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In Lightroom Desktop, sort the collection by custom order. Then, login to your lightroom.adobe.com in a web browser and go to the collection. On the right hand side is an eye button - this allows you to set custom order.


          Alternatively, export your slideshow as a video, then drag the video file and drop it into lightroom.adobe.com in a web browser.

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            ibarrien Adobe Employee

            You can also change the order in LrM on iOS.

            Do a long tap on an asset in Collection view, select Sort order and select the asset that you want to move - once selected you can drag it where you want to.


            The sort order will automatically be set to custom for that collection in the app.




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