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    Unmerge projects

      How do you properly unmerge the master and sub-project(s)?

      This is what I did to unmerge mine, and I'm just wondering what the best practice is, or if I forgot any important steps.

      1. I tagged out or removed the merge project reference in the TOC.
      2. I removed the copied CHM from the Baggage Files folder.
      3. In the !SSL! folder, I removed the .chw file to get rid of the merged index.

      Is there anything else I should do to ensure nothing is broken? Thanks in advance.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          That's pretty much it. Occasionally I've found the [MERGED FILES] section of the .hhp file retains a reference to a merged CHM and I've had to manually remove it. It doesn't happen often though.
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            TechWriter77 Level 1
            Great! Thanks Colum for your quick response!
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              EileenPalsson Level 1

              Column, I was wondering, could you think about whether there might be any other places where the merged file is mentioned? I'm having trouble getting rid of one that we added temporarily to a RH8 project. This is what I did:


              • Deleted any mention of the file from the HHP and XPJ files, as well as rhbag.apj.
              • Deleted the project's CPD file.
              • Deleted the CHW file from the target folder.


              Still, when I open the project, the file shows up as missing in the Baggage Files folder. I can't figure out how to wipe out any trace of it.


              I should mention that this project is kept in RSC. However, it was never checked in when that merged file was in the project, so I don't think RSC could be the problem.


              Any ideas?


              Thank you!