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    Opening Edge Animate

    renaud_biborg Level 1

      Hi there,


      TL;DR: Is there any way for Adobe to open Edge Animate's code now that it has been discontinued, so that it can live on through the community ?


      We at Biborg are dedicated to make a better web, and to that end we seek the best tools for web marketing and display.

      We were among the many agencies to use Adobe Edge Animate and we loved it, quirks and all.

      Since Adobe announced the arrival of Animate CC and the end of Edge Animate, we have been hard at work to make the switch,

      but to be perfectly honest, we do miss Edge Animate.


      Edge Animate was the best tool to make great web advertising, because it relies on the DOM.

      The DOM is lightweight (even when you have to load the Edge runtime to do anything visually cool with it), the DOM is compatible,

      and the DOM is (somewhat) stable.

      Among the different products we tested that have a similar goal (animating stuff on the DOM), Edge Animate was the best,

      it's a tool you can place in the hands of Interactive Designers, Motion Designers and Coders alike, that produces the most stable and compatible

      output that we could find.

      The disappearance of Edge Animate left the market with a gaping hole, concurrents being sometimes leagues behind in terms of browser compatibility (looking at you GWD) or ergonomics.


      What about Animate CC ?

      Animate CC has the great benefit of being very similar to the late Flash as far as the Designers are concerned, and the plugin/adaptative backend is very promising,

      but until someone creates a target that outputs something other than CreateJS, this just won't do for advertising.

      Canvas is no doubt a cool toy, but it is nowhere near the recommended specs for advertising.

      Its compatibility is restricted to somewhat recent machines and it still isn't ubiquitous across browsers, devices and OS;

      it requires an awful lot more resources than DOM, which if you plan to make lightweight ads for a better web isn't good news,

      and if you plan to use vector graphics, which should be the huge benefit of doing canvas, you will soon realize that your code takes up a lot of incompressible space,

      again in advertising this constraint is huge as most standard HTML banners are required by publishers to be around 200ko or less.


      What would we do with an open-source Edge Animate ? Why does it matter ?

      Since Edge Animate has been discontinued, our clients have logically and rightfully began to ask that we move to another technology,

      nobody wants to pay for something that will not be supported, even in advertising where your product has a life-cycle of only a few weeks.

      Opening Edge Animate would provide the community with the possibility to carry on its support, making it an active project and giving leverage for those who still want to use it

      in the numerous use cases where it is still the best technology.


      We at Biborg have already taken on the support of the Adobe Edge runtime, creating libraries to patches bugs, adding functionalities and making it an even better tool for our specific use,

      we would be glad to see the full technology, including the editor, being opened for us to keep making the best content with the best tools for the right use-case.


      I don't have much hope about this request, Adobe still includes the latest version of Edge Animate in its commercial package after all,

      but before it becomes really obsolete, now is the time to humbly ask for it.


      Thanks for reading,


      Renaud (Ron) Bardet

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As you I find EA to be the best tool with a great UI to deal with DOM. Hype is good too but is only for MAC at this time. There is also Nodefire which is pretty good but the learning curve will be longer. It is hard to switch from one UI ot another. The Hype UI is closer to EA.

          I am hoping that you request will be accepted. I would love to see EA continue and be improved. As a contributor to EdgeHero as well we had great hope for EA and reached out for a gaming implementation for EA but did not get a good response as the dev team was already planning unbeknownst to us to discontinue the development.

          Wishing you the best!

          Marie AKA Resdesign

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            renaud_biborg Level 1

            Thanks for your support!

            We have tried NodeFire and it is pretty close to Edge Animate, I'm sure our Designers would get accustomed to it in the long run, our reason for dismissing it was that the dev team seems pretty small and not very active at the moment, and in the same way we cannot recommend Edge Animate for its lack of support, we could not push this tech although it seems great, even better than EA with the support of additional css and much better tweening UIs.

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              hedym92728264 Level 1

              +1 ! We need the best tools for a better web!

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                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I know what you mean. With a small team there is not way to know if the development will continue or not. If EA ever becomes open source, I know there will be a great community to add features but do not hold your breath. I am not sure that Adobe has ever or would ever turn a software to open source.

                Have you tried Adobe XD for Mac?

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                  renaud_biborg Level 1

                  UX isn't really my alley, especially on mobile which it seems XD is really

                  aimed at. But having being working for a mobile game studio for a while I

                  recon it does make the creative pipeline more flexible.


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